directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalte, Austria 2018, 112’

In 2016, the border between Austria and Italy is the place where European politics can be changed. In the spring of 2016, the Austrain government adopts “construction measures”, which is a euphemism for the construction of a new wall along the border. Director Geyrhalter conducts detailed interviews with local police officers, hikers, farmers, Tall Chargers, and bar owners. Here, in this small border area, a wide range of views is documented, from hidden xenophobia to criticism to a populist government. In his depiction of the local people and their traditions, Geyrhalter also represents the absurdity of the border, telling a broader and more compelling story about the situation in Europe.

Alessio D’Angelo (University of Nottingham)

Ore 16 – Seminar with Alessio D’Angelo

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