In 2018, a strong decrease in mobility towards Europe was confirmed, as already observed in 2017; 50,000 less migrants arrived on the European shores across the sea. Despite these data, migratory arrivals are still regarded as the most severe threat to the stability and the security of the citizens by many national States. On the international scene, Italy is emerging for its particularly restrictive policies, and for recurrent outbreaks of xenophobia, being a sign of a dangerous involution on the cultural level. However, our country holds a vast collective memory of emigration. Not only the memory of those territories that welcome the new arrivals, but also the memory carried by the migrants. Despite the institutions’ resistance to changes, local communities are capable of producing different forms of resilience. They are able to deal with unforeseen events in a positive way, by staying sensitive to the beneficial opportunities granted by the encounter with the other, without alienating their own identity. Nonetheless, and sometimes against all odds, these communities have the ability to provide a fresh start, and to achieve meaningful goals.

“Memorie e resilienze” (memories and resiliences) is the title of Crocevia di Sguardi, that reached this year its 15th edition. There will be a special focus on solidarity movements towards migrants, and on the activities of NGOs in the Mediterranean.

This program will be enriched by workshops with director Eleonora Mastropietro on October 22nd, and with Turkish director Can Candan, on November 13th.

Finally, the subjects of these documentaries will also be covered in depth within a few seminars at Campus Luigi Einaudi, University of Turin, on the afternoons of October 3rd, 17th, 31st, and on November 8th.

The evening screenings will take place traditionally at Cineteatro Baretti, but also at the Case del Quartiere (neighborhood homes), the areas of the city with the highest immigration rates.

Edited by
Pietro Cingolani and Francesco Giai Via

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