In 2022, Europe is facing the consequences of global dramas such as the end of the Western presence in Afghanistan and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Borders are being closed, strategies for inclusion of immigrants and asylum seekers are being abandoned, a continuous erosion of workers’ rights is taking place. We live in an increasingly overheated world in which climate change is only one of several dimensions of crisis at play.

Overheated Connections” is the title of Crocevia di Sguardi (now in its 18th edition) in a mixed online and in-person format. The documentaries in program highlight the connections between global forces and local worlds, proposing new ways to cool destructive interconnections: through a radical ecological turn, demilitarization, the political leadership of youth and children of migration, and the power of art, in all its expressions. In addition to the presence of scholars, researchers and activists, meetings with filmmakers Federico Francioni and Dagmawi Yimer enrich this edition.

All the documentaries can be viewed after registering on the Festivalscope platform and the workshops will be live streamed on Crocevia di Sguardi Facebook page. All the face-to-face presentations and discussions will also be available via Facebook live streams.

Edited by
Pietro Cingolani

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