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directed by Hassan Fazili, USA / Qatar / Canada / UK 2019, 89’

In 2015, Afghan director Hassan Fazili and his wife, director Fatima Hussaini, are forced to run away from a death threat from the Taliban. They depart towards remote Europe with their two daughters, Nargis, 11 years old, and Zahra, 6, in search for safety. The couple and their daughters record their journey, which lasts several years, using their mobile phones. Over the Balkan route, during long and uncertain stays in different refugee camps, they draw their strength from documenting their difficult situation. Despite adversities and setbacks, the two parents never lose their humanity. They bear all kinds of difficulties and hope for a better future for their daughters, who are becoming more and more independent as their journey moves forward.



Gabriele Proglio (University of Coimbra)

16.00 – Seminar with Gabriele Proglio university of Coimbra)

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