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by Judith Keil and Antje Kruska, Germany 2013, 93’

Bad Belzig is a town in the state of Brandenburg, about 80 kilometers away from Berlin: three asylum seekers deal with their uncertain future in their new home. Abdul, the son of a sheik, comes from Yemen, Farid fled Iran, and Brian hails from Cameron. The fates of these three men, with such different past, end up meeting in the same place, even though they never meet through the whole film. However, they undergo through similar experiences in a country that isn’t able to understand them, and they do not understand. Land in sight is a tale of mistrust mixed to good intentions, meetings with public authorities – where problems are caused more by the rigid bureaucratic structures than by the approach of officials – and even dreams that are often too naive to come true.


Magda Bolzoni (Mosaico Association , Torino)

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