directed by Andrea Segre, Italy 2017, 64’

Born in Benin in 1960, Ibi makes a difficult choice in 2000: abandon her three children in Africa in order to guarantee them a better future. Defeated by financial difficulties, she has no choice but to entrust her children to her mother and to commit herself to transporting drugs from Nigeria to Italy. She is arrested in Naples, where she serves a three-year sentence and after which she settles in the most African quarter of Europe, Castel Volturno. For over fifteen years, Ibi has been fighting for the right to live in Italy, telling her troubled story through films and photographs which serve to give her dignity back, as well as the hope. An engaging and touching video collage remembering a broken woman, who disappeared before being able to return to her family of origin.



Martina Cvajner (University of Trento)

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16.oo – Seminar with Martina Cvajner

18.00 – Opening of the photo exhibition, Main hall CLE