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by Andreas Koefoed, Danmark 2015, 58’

This poetic observation documentary follows Magomed, a ten-year-old Chechen refugee and his companions, in a school of the Danish town of Lynge. The children are filmed in moments of song sessions, art, gaming and discussion that take place between them as in any other school. The difference is that all of them have very painful memories. There is Ali from Afghanistan, and like his father, he is shaken by nightmares. There are Amel, the active boy, that misses his friends in Bosnia, and the Chechen Heda, who is preparing herself to the exciting transition to a regular school, thanks to the help of her special needs teacher. The same teacher is sure that also Magomed is ready, but he is full of doubts. The boy is not only troubled by traumatic memories, but he has to face the fear that his father cannot stay in Denmark.


Roberta Ricucci (University of Turin)

Concetta Mascali (Headmaster of “Istituto Comprensivo Regio Parco”, Torino)

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The event is in collaboration with Doc / it – Italian Documentary Association and Moving Docs.
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