by Marco Santarelli, Italy 2015, 74’

Teachers and volunteers have organized a school course on the Italian Constitution in dialogue with the Arab Spring and Islamic traditions, in the library of the Dozza prison in Bologna. The participants are predominantly Muslim prisoners: some of them are very young and first-time offenders, others have behind them many years in prison. Ignazio, a religious volunteer who has lived for many years in the Middle East, keeps the ranks of the course supported by Yassine, a young Muslim cultural mediator. Out of the prison, Samad, a young Moroccan ex-convict, lives waiting for an end to the penalty that does not arrive. He is dealing with the “winters and springs” of freedom, and a life to be reconstructed within new rules. He will be the last guest of the course, back in prison for participating in the discussion and writing of an ideal constitution.

Lecturer with the director:

Khalid Rhazzali (University of Padua)

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