by Aïcha Macky, Niger, France, Germany, 2021, 82’

In Zinder, Niger, in the poor area of Kara-Kara, which once was a neighbourhood full of lepers, an atmosphere of collective violence prevails. Zinder is also an important migration hub, where many people transit and leave their communities in search for a better life abroad and in Europe. A group of young people attempts in every way to free themselves from their neighbourhood’s stigma, trying to build a family and a life somewhere else rather than end up in prison. The director Aïcha Macky, coming from Zinder, films the everyday life of these young people, divided between their gangs and their families, also testifying their desire to break free from the circle of violence on which their identities built.

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Live screening: Wednesday, Nov. 8, Cinema Teatro Baretti, 7.30 p.m. 

Introduced and commented by: Aïcha Macky (director), Roberto Mazzola (University of Eastern Piedmont) and Daniele Albanese (Talent Beyond Boundaries)