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Watch the video of the night


Migrants’ Children

Thursday, Nov 5th 2015, 9 pm, Cineteatro Baretti.

by Teodora Ana Mihai, Romania 2014, 88′

Georgiana Halmac will turn 15 this winter. She lives with her six brothers in an affordable block of flats in the suburbs of Bacau, Romania. Despite her young age, she is the one who looks after her large family. Liliana, her mother, had to move to Turin to work and will not come back before next summer. With her mother abroad, Georgiana has become the head of the family, the only responsible for the upbringing and education of her brothers. Caught up between her needs as an adolescent and her many responsibilities, Georgiana has to create her role day by day, only with the support of a few phone calls with her mother. An intimate, uncensored insight of the seven brothers’ daily life, the film shows how children are able to see life events through the eyes of imagination. One cannot but be impressed by their cleverness, but at the same time the film is an invitation to meditate on the instability of such balance.

Discussion led by: Cristina Bezzi (Università di Bologna)

Teodora Ana Mihai was born in Bucarest, Romania, in 1981. She graduated in film studies and worked as an assistant director for TV programs in Belgium. After making her multi-awarded Waiting for August, she is currently working on a docu-fiction about adolescent orphans of the war on drugs in Mexico, in collaboration with the Mexican writer Habacuc Antonio de Rosario.

Cristina Bezzi is a PHD graduate in Ethno-anthropological studies at Università di Siena, and got a Master’s degree in Social anthropology at Brunel University in London. Since 1999 she has been focusing on Romania, with particular attention to the Italian Etnologic Mission in this country, which has led her to deal with childhood and migration. She has collaborated with many NGOs. She is currently working for Università di Bologna, as part of a research project on migration, family bonds and religion.


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