VHS Kahloucha

Moncef Kahloucha earns a living as a house painter and decorator, but coating the walls with white paint is not his main activity. He is actually an amateur film director, an actor, a set designer, a producer, a graphic designer, a film distributor and a cinema manager. With his gangster movies and a notably vivid remake of “Tarzan” entitled “Arab Tarzan”, he takes on every genre with all means at his disposal. An easy-going journey in those film products that populate the video stores for migrants in our cities.
After graduating in Economics, Nejib Belkadhi starts his career as an actor for cinema, theatre and television. Since 1998, he has been working in Tunis, directing popular television programmes for Canal + Horizons. With Imed Marzouk, in 2002 he founded Propaganda Production, an independent and unconventional film studio. “VHS Kahloucha” is his first documentary film, praised all over Europe and chosen as a contestant at the Sundance Film Festival.