by Afsaneh Salari, Iran/Philippines, 2020, 80’

At the peak of the URSS’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1982, 1.5 million Afghans were forced to move to Iran in order to flee the war. The Salaris, a warm and kind family, are a testament to the intergenerational consequences of this war, as well as of the forced migration waves that the political instability keeps on generating. They left Afghanistan almost 40 years ago. The film follows the youngest son, who wants to return to live and work in Afghanistan and has to face the opposition of his whole family. The Silhouettes is a film about belonging, identity, separation and the universal need for cultivating one’s roots in order to reconcile with their future.

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Live in theatre: Wednesday, October 6th, 9pm, Cinema Teatro Baretti

Introduction and comments by: Afsaneh Salari (director) and Enaiattolah Akbari (author of “Storia di un figlio. Andata e ritorno”)

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