One hour north of Dublin, on the seashore, there is an odd built up area. Mosney, a former holiday village, is now a centre of temporary stay for asylum seekers. This documentary film is the result of three years of work on the field, and takes us to the suspended atmosphere that reigns in this limb in which hundreds of people are forced to live in their attempt to have a better future in Europe.
Nicky Cogan has been dealing with new media and artistic production for years. He recently inaugurated Wildlight Channel, the first Irish channel dedicated to shorts and animated films, and in 1990 he founded the Darklight Film Festival. Among several awards, he received a nomination at the Digital Media Awards in 2003 and 2004. Paul Rowley is a documentary director and a video artist. His short film “Suspension” earned him a Golden Spire at San Francisco Film Festival in 1999. Among his recent projects, a documentary about the film “L’Eclisse” by Michelangelo Antonioni and a documentary about Werner Herzog.