Mirabella – Sidelfingel, andata e ritorno

Mirabella is a small village close to Catania, in the very heart of Sicily. Of 10.000 official inhabitants, only 4.000 actually live there, on the periphery of Europe. 2.000 kilometres away, the area of Sindelfingen —close to Stuttgart— prospers thanks to the factories of Mercedes, Porsche and IBM: 60.000 inhabitants, 58.000 jobs.
The means of transport between Mirabella and Sindelfingen are very efficient, because the 6.000 people missing from Mirabella actually live in Sindelfingen, thus creating a sort of second Mirabella in Germany. Three generations later, the people from Mirabella are still too connected to Sicily to develop new identities, and too far away to keep feeling like real Sicilians. This film is a story of migrations and lost and never found identities.