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Unexpected Neighbours

Thursday, Oct 29th 2015, 9 pm, Cineteatro Baretti.

by Roman Vital, Switzerland 2013, 78′

In Valzeina, a small village in the heart of the Canton of Grisons, the Swiss government takes over a former summer camp and turns it into an Asylum Seekers Center for people waiting to return to their countries. The asylum seekers here do not possess a valid residence permit and must obey strict rules during their stay. They are provided with board and lodging on condition that they do their best in order to find a way to go back to their countries. The Alpine setting, which usually evokes freedom, here appears as less reassuring and has to do with isolation and control. Global issues are reflected in a microcosm that is not as disconnected from the rest of the world as one might expect.

Discussion led by: Daniela di Capua (Director of the Asylum Seekers Protection System Service – SPRAR)

Roman Vital – Roman Vital was born in Sent, Switzerland, in 1975. He studied Communication and Journalism at the University of Freiburg and graduated from the Filmakademie BadenWürttemberg. In  2006, he founded Klubkran, a film production company. Among his works, with “Life in Paradise”, his valuable “Renè Live – Man Against Machine” (2014).

Daniela di Capua – Daniela di Capua is the director of SPRAR, the Asylum Seekers Protection System Service.

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