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Focus on China as Guest Country Thurday


by Martina Parenti and Massimo D’Anolfi, Italy, 2009, 77’

China’s new immigration, described through the eyes of three young Italian managers. Antonio Ambrosetti, with his exclusive training course “Future leader”, Federico Morgantini, dealing with his own managing ambitions, Matteo Storchi, successful manager of his family business. There’s someone who teaches to a few privileged ones how to keep their power by telling them set phrases, prototypes and experiences; there’s someone else who has settled in Shangai and would like to open up a soda water factory; there’s still someone who, during never-ending meetings, imposes a western method of working to indifferent Chinese employees. Knowing that there are some already written destinies, that there is someone longing for power and economic invasions, the human comedy keeps perpetuating through a journey from Italy to China on the brink of great expectations and evil thoughts.

Lecturers: Chen Ming (ANGI), Simone Dossi (T-WAI)

Martina Parenti e Massimo D’Anolfi. Massimo D’Anolfi is a video maker since 1993. He has started his career as screenwriter, then he made some radio and television documentaries for RAI. Martina Parenti has some of her television and movie documentaries shown and rewarded at festivals, such as “Materia Oscura” (Dark matter) (2013) and “Il castello” (The castle) (2011).

Chen Ming is the president of the Italian association Italian- Chinese New Generation. He has been working in Torino in intercultural brokering, consulting and promoting of Chinese culture for some many years.

Simone Dossi is a Postdoctoral Fellow in International Relations at DILHPS– Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies, University of Milan. His research interests centre on China’s foreign and security policy, including: China’s evolving military doctrine, China’s role in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean Region, the Chinese discourse on international politics. Simone is the author of Rotte cinesi. Teatri marittimi e dottrina militare, Milan, Università Bocconi Editore (2014) and a co-editor (with Elisa Giunchi and Francesco Montessoro) of L’Asia tra passato e futuro. Scritti in ricordo di Enrica Collotti Pischel, Milan, Giuffrè Editore (2014).

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