by Angelo Loy and Martino Mazzonis, Italy, 2022, 46’

There are areas in the worlds where the consequences of the environmental crisis are much more evident. Bangladesh, a place of rivers downstream of Himalaya, is one of them, and talking about it will helps us understand the dangers that await us, from the water salinity that damages the harvest to totally unpredictable seasons. Gli spaesati describes the life of the people that leave the Northern countryside, which is submerged by more and more frequent floods, or who abandons the Southern villages, where entire crops are destroyed by unpredictable and violent storms. Every day, in Dhaka, more than a thousand people get off ferries and buses to live in slums, the huge shanty towns in the capital of Bangladesh. Here, refugees risk to be thrown out from the building speculation of the shacks they just built for themselves.

Watch the trailer:

Live screening: Thursday, Oct. 12, Cecchi Point, 7.30 p.m.

Introduced and commented by: Angelo Loy (director), Sarah Walker (University of Bologna), Elena Giacomelli (University of Bologna)