directed by Teboho Edkins, Francia/Sud Africa/Olanda 2020, 78’

Days of Cannibalism is a contemporary documentary Western which takes place against the backdrop of a newly emerging China-Africa relationship.

The film is set in a remote rural region in Southern Africa, a frontier space in which the laws of society are in a state of flux. The arrival of new settlers – economic migrants from China – has upset the balance of power. Old laws and old gods are being called into question.

The unbridled forces of capitalism are felt deep in these rural communities as a new order begins to evolve. Subtle moments and small gestures reveal the effect of migration, personal sacrifice, solitude, alienation and the experience of otherness. A latent violence threatens to erupt. As old structures begin to disintegrate one rule asserts itself above all others: eat or be eaten.

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Francesco Giai Via (director Carbonia Film Festival) interviews the director Teboho Edkins.


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