Cannoli line & Vaccaro’s pastry shop

Both documentary films were shot in 1999 for the Scuola Nazionale del Cinema, and they focus on the story of Gioacchino Vaccaro, a Sicilian man who left Palermo for the United States in 1954 and founded Vaccaro Pastry Shop, specialised in Sicilian cannoli.
Today, so many years after his venture, Vaccaro feels remorse for his children’s inability to speak Italian and for the fact that they have hopelessly lost any connection to their home country. Also thanks to the old videos that Gioacchino Vaccaro used to send to his parents in Italy at the end of the 1960s, these two films are made of sounds and images, directed by one of the most promising young documentary filmmakers in Italy, who also authored some episodes of the documentary series “The Sacher Diaries”, produced by Nanni Moretti.