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Watch the video of the night


On the Border

Thursday, Nov 12th 2015, 9 pm, Cineteatro Baretti

by Stéphanie Barbey and Luc Peter, Switzerland 2014, 75′

Somewhere along the endless border between Usa and Mexico, in a a desert landscape, a small community of Americans live their days under the shade of a wall that was erected to protect them from illegal immigrants. Everyone observes the traces left by the passage of migrants that cross over the border: shadows on the move appear on the security cameras, as well as colourless bones and footprints in the sand.

For these people, who live here a life of fear, denial and, sometimes, compassion, the presence of those walking shadows has become an obsession.

Discussion led by: Francesca Nava (Piazza Pulita, LA7)

Stéphanie Barbey and Luc Peter are Swiss directors and screenplay writers who work for Intermezzo Films. After getting a Master’s Degree at London School of Economics in 1996, Stephanie studied documentary film-making at  Atèliers Varan, in Paris, in 2003. After a Master in Political Science at the University of Geneva in 1989, Luc graduated in Film Studies from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art in Losanna in 1994. Broken Land is their latest work and was presented at Locarno Festival, in the “Semain de la critique” category, in 2014.

Francesca Nava is a journalist and reporter for Piazza pulita (La7). She has made several news reports about immigration in Europe, borders and political control (including those about the enclave of Melilla and the asylum seekers in Rome). In 2015, she was awarded the prize “Miglior Inchiesta Italiana +15” (Best Italian Journalistic Inquiry) during the 20th year of the Prize Ilaria Alpi, with a reportage on a series of issues related to the pharmaceutical industry.

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