Il progetto

The Crocevia di Sguardi Film Festival celebrates its tenth birthday: ten exiting years of film projections, debates and labs, with more and more desire to keep growing. This years’ key topic concerns the rights of migrants and refugees, which are technically guaranteed by national and international laws, but are indeed seldom observed when people experience every-day social exclusion. Whether in Europe, in the United States or in the Middle East, there are a number of undeniable and bitter contradictions, such as the fact that some people may be ratepayers, accomplished professionals and illegal immigrants at once, or that some others have been living in refugee camps without prospects for generations. With two nights of dedicated projections, this year’s Festival will give particular relevance to Switzerland, a country that is on the one hand geographically close to Italy, and on the other hand a major destination for international, and Italian, migrants. Moreover, during the one-day workshop entitled “Meeting the other”, the film directors Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio, Andrea Fenoglio, Rossella Schillaci and Enrico Verra will deal with issues related to documentary filmmaking. All of these events will not only take place in the Cineteatro Baretti, but also in the Case del Quartiere (“Houses of the Neighbourhood”), thus in the areas with the highest immigration rate in Turin.

A cura di Pietro Cingolani e Francesco Giai Via