Last year Italy hit record levels with 181.000 sea arrivals and it has reached second place, after Germany, among all European countries for the number of asylum applications. At the same time, the outpouring of Italian emigrants has been unstoppable: 7.000  more than in 2015. They are mostly young educated people looking for paid work in Germany or in Great Britain. This increasing number of people on the move is being faced with important political events: the Brexit referendum, the rising of walls within the European Union and around its borders, the growth of anti-European and xenophobic political parties, and the election of Trump as president of the United States.

Confronted by these fierce changes, people have tried to orient themselves and to build their own future and often, beyond the conflicts and social tensions, special meetings can take place between people who arrive, those who stay, and those who are about to leave: within various personal affairs similarities can be observed between our past history and contemporary events. It is just these interconnections  that provide the title of the 13th edition of ‘Crocevia di Sguardi’ –  ‘Crossroads of Glances’. Special attention is given to Germany with two evenings in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute.

The programme is enrichened by the conference of the 24th October, where Italian and foreign cultural operators will introduce experiences linked to audiovisual equipment and social changes. Moreover, in the evenings of  5th, 19th October and 9th November, the subjects of the documentaries are further discussed in seminars at the Campus Luigi Einaudi- University of Turin. The events will take place, not only in the traditional location of the filmtheatre Baretti, but also in the District House, inside one of the areas with the highest number of immigrants in town.



Edited by
Pietro Cingolani and Francesco Giai Via

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